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Coaching and leadership is not what we think it is! It's not telling someone what to do, It’s not instructing, and it's not giving advice!

So what is it in the new Knowledge era?

Exploring the changing leadership/coaching landscape,  from the largely instruction based leader as content expert industrial era, to the knowledge era where the coach or leader uses facilitation and collaboration to harness collective intelligence. The five different methods of helping others grow:

  1. Advising

  2. Instructing

  3. Mentoring

  4. Abdicating

  5. Coach

Each of which are relevant at different ages, levels of experience and context, with a general emphasis from shifting from less instructing, to doing more coaching.

The four part learning cycle of how we learn and gain experience is an essential tool practicing coaching in the knowledge era.

The cycle is generally broken in half, with the coaches and leaders doing the two thinking aspects of the cycle, and the individuals  primarily responsible for the two doing aspects. A case was made for removing this break and for coaches/leaders  to include and actively engage individuals more in reviewing in the planning processes.

  • The review process, where individuals are encouraged to share their own experience, specifically in response to two questions:

  1. Reviewing what worked 

  2. Reviewing what could work better the next time.

Applying this process in more detail, applying this new knowledge, will encourage you to generate ways to improve your own coaching and leadership. These actions were aimed at essentially helping improve the learning and development of those in your charge, to enhance the experience for both yourself and your colleagues. Ultimately, leading to more consistent success as a coach, in teams, and for your staff.