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I'm an adaptable complex Organism not a machine!

I think I forgot what I was at around 7 years of age .

From what I can see most machines become , burnt out, broken , replaceable , virus ridden ,redundant or dead....when I thought I was a machine this is what I had accepted to be my fate and the machine did a good job of taking me to near death.

The Hippocampus is a part of the brain that creates directional maps, a spatial memory that enables navigation back to a thing or a thought you wanted to store......I feel this way about my creativity I left it somewhere way back, when I thought I needed to be a machine to survive!

This organism that I recognise again , has discovered creative play and an understanding that it's not just the right of every human organism to create, but ultimately dependant on it for maturation and survival ... I'm not sure when we started believing creativity was only for the select privileged few, but I'm happy to say its no longer my reality. Of course I can turn the machine on anytime but I simply have no interest !

For the wonderful community at Hippiecampus ....Is it time to retire the well oiled machine narrative forever? and will you share your stories of Creative recovery?

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